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Q: What are Meri's rates?

A: Meri usually likes to start out with a short free initial consultation to find out if what you want is something she does, and to verify that she can read for you. Admittedly, it doesn't happen often that Meri cannot read for a potential client, but in the event that should happen, she wouldn't want to charge for that time. After the initial consultation, Meri's New Client Special Promotion comes into play, which only takes 10 minutes of your time. That's normally long enough to get your initial question plus followups answered, and to find out if her reading style suits you. And if you need more time than that, you can purchase more in convenient 10 minute blocks, or in multiples of 10 minutes, so you can acquire just the right amount of time for your needs.

Q: Where does Meri do her readings?

A: Meri does her readings over the phone, and via Skype, and has a private office where she also does readings inside the virtual world of SecondLife (or she can come to you, in SecondLife, if that is your preference). NEW: Meri is doing readings via text message! This is something new Meri is testing to see if her clientele like and want it. Just ask Meri if you'd like to try texting for your next reading!

Q: Does Meri use voicechat?

A: Meri believes voice provides the best value for her clients, so she uses it almost exclusively to provide the best quality in her readings. She uses Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Psychic Readings Co-Op's voice/video/text chat, and VoIP telephone -- just ask! In the event you have a special need for text-chat only, just ask Meri prior to the reading.

Q: Does Meri have testimonials from past clients?

A: Literally thousands! Please read the Testimonials section for highlights of real client testimonials.

Q: How do I get a reading with Meri now or set a convenient appointment time?

A: Just join Psychic Medium Meri's Exclusive Members-Only Readings Portal, free of charge, by clicking the link below:

Abilities & Training (searchable):
Angels, Animal Communicator, Aura Reader, Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Cold Case Psychic, Counselor, Empathic, Energy Reader, Energy Worker, Family, Finance, Healer, Hypnosis, Lightworker, Love, Medium, Missing Objects, Missing Persons, Money, Ordained, Minister, Past Life / Lives, Pet Psychic, [Pet] Search & Rescue, Police Psychic, Psychometry, Reiki, Relationships, Romance, Spirit / Otherworldly Guides, Spirit Companions, Tarot, Other, Spirit / Otherworldly Guides / Companions, Spirit Guides/Companions, Missing Object, Missing Person
Venues (searchable):
Phone Readings, In-virtual-world (SecondLife, etc.) Readings, In-Person Readings, IM / VideoChat Readings, IM / VoiceChat Readings, IM / TextChat Readings, SMS / Text Message Readings
My New Client Special Offer; How to Contact Me for a Psychic Reading, My Hours & Timezone:
Click through to my website to view my Special Offer to you as a new (or returning) client and get in touch with me for a reading now! I'm on California/Pacific Time and normally work afternoons/evenings, but I do take appointments outside of those times. Just contact me through my website!
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Aug 14, 2011

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Meri Psychic-Medium's Page

Meri is a real, professional Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, and Police Psychic. She is also an empathic, caring, and experienced Eclectic Certified Crisis Counselor, Ordained Minister, and Reiki Master who has the ability to facilitate Emotional and Spiritual Healing and to help you Communicate with loved ones who have Crossed Over, including pets.


Meri's gifts include Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairgusience, Clairvoyance, Empathy, and Psychometry.  She accurately reads people and animals, living and in spirit, remotely.


Meri does receive some precognitive information, especially after becoming familiar with a client's energy and focus, which she usually expresses in terms of probabilities, or likelihoods.  But, in part due to the future being in flux until it becomes realized as the here and now, it is not an absolutely reliable talent (in anyone; read up on "multiverse theory" for more information).  So if you're looking for that, "You'll meet a tall, gorgeous stranger" carnival fortuneteller experience, you'll have to find it somewhere else:  Meri won't feed you a line just to keep you on the phone and coming back for more.  What she will do, in the warm, caring, kind, and humorous manner of a good spiritual intuitive counselor, is to provide you the information you seek, comfortably, in a way that is easy for you to take in, digest, and grow with on your own unique path.

A Certified Counselor who is Both Intuitive and Empathic is the BEST of All Possible Worlds: She Really Understands -- and Cares. And After All, Who Better to Talk to than Someone Who Can Really Understand Your Situation?

Over 25 Years Experience ~ 5 Star Rated ~ See Testimonials (below)!

The Future is Not Set in Stone, but is Up to You to Create!
Want your reading now?
Click the link below to join Psychic Medium Meri's
Exclusive Members-Only Readings Portal, free of charge,
to view her Special Offer to you as a new, or returning, client
and get in touch with Meri for a reading now:


(these are in no particular order):

As an experienced tarot reader (I have 31 years of experience)
I am not one given to making statements lightly:

Meri is a wonderful psychic medium. She did an impromptu reading
for me on my father. I was careful to not give her clues that some
so called psychics use to get info to feed back to you. Yet she was
right on the money when describing my father's character. It was a
wonderful experience, and one that I would gladly seek out

This woman is the real deal.

~~M. Fimicoloud

Meri is, quite simply, one of the most gifted psychics living. I am a
professional "psychic to the stars" and she's MY go-to psychic.
She is completely accurate. I don't even SAY things like that. She
is so funny and adorable and modest that it isn't 'til after you get
off the phone with her, that you realize..."Wait a minute, everything
she just said was completely spot-on!" And then a month later, you
realize that, everything she said would happen, HAPPENED.

She is positive, brilliant and, well...just The Real Deal. And she
should charge about ten times more than she does, so get her NOW
before she figures that out.
--Peri Lyons

I've never found one that can look so deeply into someone's
emotions before though, as you can,

I've never known someone to be able to look so deeply into a
person's soul,

I think it's because you tune into them rather than through me into
you are the best psychic I ever consulted, that's the truth.



Meri is one of three TOP advisors on this site. I have consulted
her many times and she is truthful, accurate, and kind. She needs
NO info and never asks anything but first names and last initial,
(maybe dob, but not usually) and KNOWS EVERYTHING. The thing I love
about her particularly is the depth and complexity of her readings.
TEN STARS!! CALL HER, you will never regret it!

Fantastic, spiritual, empathetic gal! Very inspired from the talk
and information. Thank you for your gift of spirit!

Unbelievable...Really amazing...I have spoken to many Psychics but
no one like her...She was 100% on...I highly recommend her. Very
STRONG connection. I was REALLY satisfied. --a police officer

Meri is a truly, truly, truly, gifted psychic and I can't recommend
her highly enough.

Amazing call ~ Meri was so right on, and tapped right into things
that most people would never be able to explain. My blessings for
all your kindness, I will call again ~ Excellent!! My gracious

Exceptional! A stray cat that I had been taking care of suddenly
passed away leaving me devastated. Meri was able to make an instant
connection with Roxie's energy, enabling me to say good bye and
confidently know I did all that was in my power to help Roxie in
the short time she was in my life. Meri has a wonderfully soothing
presence and exceptional ability to connect quickly. My session
with her was not a lot of small talk or probing type questions.
Rather once she made the connection, she let the energy and
presence come across and she simply served as the "interpreter."
She makes excellent use of your session time! Well worth it!

Meri is such a wonderful person, I'm so glad I had the opportunity
to talk with her. She helped me a lot with things I need to do in
my life. I can't wait to talk with her again.

What a nice lady. She gave me some specific insight into the people
involved. We were cut off and she followed up. Very kind. Thank

Meri is highly gifted and truly knows what she is talking about.
She can truly tune into energy and read you. She uses light to
guide you on your path. Try her out she is very talented.

She was right on with everything.

Very nice lady and lovely energy. Very informative reading and has
given me lots to think about in regard to my animals. Definitely
tuned in to their personalities and has guided me in making the
right decision for them and for myself.

What an Excellent Reading!!!!! She is intuitive and her reading is
insightful, precise, and informative. She is a very nice and
wonderful lady and I enjoyed talking to her. Thank you so much and
will be calling you back.

Meri gave me a great reading... She is honest but compassionate:
talking to her is like talking to a best friend. Accurate and very
friendly, and can give you unique and verifiable information very
early on in the reading. I would definitely choose her again and
would recommend her to anyone!

***** More!!! I have had some gifted psychics, but never one that
left me totally speechless!! I can`t believe she is not charging 20
times more! I would pay that and more!! I thank you with all my
heart. Love and light to you and yours.

Meri was able to connect right into my situation and was very
helpful. Thank you for all your guidance and support. I will
definitely call again. I recommend calling her!

Excellent reading; very warm and comforting; confident and
accurate. Thanks so much! ...I will call back. Highly

Meri has a kind and generous way about her. She listens and is
clear with her response and advice. And Meri has a good sense of
humor, which made talking with her even more engaging. I will most
certainly call Meri again!

Fantastic Reading! Must give a her a call. Very nice and easy to
have a conversation with. Thx. ~J

A very kind person, with perceptions. I have the distinct feeling
that she really cares. After our call was cut off, she emailed to
make sure I got information from her that she felt was critical.
Very helpful. Will definitely call her again. Thanks Meri!

Such a joy to have advice from Meri! She is upbeat and talented and
picks up on my situation....just zooms right in, with the help of
tarot on some of the questions. Thanks Meri!

Wonderful chat. Got some names, dates, insights. Definitely calmed
my nerves and eased my mind tonight. Very positive and sure.

Great reading! Excellent and exact details. --After I hung up with
you, all was confirmed. Absolutely amazing. It was 2a.m. ET but my
query was confirmed! Will call you again. Thanks!

Excellent, down to earth and very accurate. Not just a psychic,
also an informed soul. Great spirit and reading!

Meri was very lovely and professional. I mentioned I had questions
about my current relationship and she picked up right away some of
the key issues and concerns. She helped me confirm some of my "gut"
feelings about the situation. Also, she was honest. When she
couldn't quite get a read on a couple other situations in my life
she was up front about it. Definitely, I would call her again.

Oh my, with just a few short minutes I knew that you were correct,
even with the "little sister" scenario, 'cause he treats me like
that at times. A little strange, like he wants to warn me about
life and men -- go figure! :o) I can't wait to add more money to
explore a few possibilities. Thank you for the clear insight!

Thank you so much! You've been very helpful! I was in such a swirl
of confusion and upset... and I feel calm and more or less "girded"
for continuing onward. I will think seriously about a new

She was WONDERFUL! Very Sweet and is a true psychic. I was lucky to
get her. It was such a pleasure to have a reading with her and we
both had a good time during the reading. She is A+++++

Thank You Meri. You were very open and honest, and I will call
again. Very Friendly and will give you both readings and great

I loved my reading with Meri. She's warm, friendly, smart and has a
great sense of humor in addition to having a great psychic

Thank you. You have great insight and a nice soothing voice. I will
have to call back :)

Thank you so much. Meri graciously talked to the spirit of someone
very dear to me and did so in a clear and professional manner with
compassion. It is really hard to find an AUTHENTIC PSYCHIC on [another]
site. Meri is definitely one. If you want to waste your money, hear
only what you want to hear, throw away your time, call other
people. If you want clear and accurate information, Meri is the one
to call. A zillion stars! Thanks again.

Fantastic call! Thanks so much Meri! I will keep you updated.

Thanks Meri! Meri was able to tune in to how my guy is feeling and
offer insight as to what is to come and offer some help on how to
handle it. She was truly a delight to speak with.

One of the most accurate mediums I have met; comes through every
WOW! Oh, my God! This lady is truly gifted! I didn't know where my
boyfriend was so I called Meri and she told me that I would find my
boyfriend at a sports bar with his friends and I did!!!! She also predicted
that I'm going to meet someone new. Meri has not been wrong so far.
So, I'm looking forward to her predictions and I will sure call her back
for some wise advice like I got today. Thank you and God bless you!

Awesomely awesomest wicked awesome fantabulouso fierce girl!

AWESOME!!! I will call BACK!!!!

This reading was in incredible! Such accuracy! I will be calling

Wow, definitely knows what she is talking about. Hit the nail on
the head! Can't wait to see what happens!

1st time caller. Enjoyed her style and would have liked to have
spent more time talking, er, listening to her. :)

One of the best on this site. Will call back for sure!

Thank you so much for talking with me. Talking with you made me
feel better about the situation. I will be in touch!

ABSOLUTELY 5*****! I am giving this feedback a week after Meri
predicted my lost cat would come back, and he did! Not only did
Meri predict correctly, she has been sensitive and helpful in every
regard, giving many good tips and feedback as what I should do to
overcome the problem. I thank her from my heart.

She was right on with everything.

Thanks for taking a look at my situation. Your help is most
appreciated. Thanks for the encouragement. I feel like it is almost
Christmas in my life. Blessings galore!

Wonderful, calm and reassuring, knows her stuff. thank you.

You are a very sweet, compassionate, and honest advisor. Thank

Thank you Meri. Our conversation really grounded me, and after we
spoke I called my friend. It was good and meaningful, and I feel
connected with him from a place that is real for both of us. Thank
you so much for your sincere support and ability to hear him
responding to my questions. You were right on the mark. Blessings
to you and yours.

Wonderful call! Very informative. :)

The best!

Meri was professional and very nice, and helpful. Love talking to
her! Great insight, thank you! Will be calling her next week for an

Meri is a great reader who gave me a very good reading on the
things I asked about. A friendly and honest call.

She picked up that he has a medium toned voice and is willing to
date me! Great! I will call again! Thanks for the reading!

Meri was great at helping read the current situation. Wish we knew
how it would turn out, but sometimes it comes down to free will.
She was honest enough not to guess, and that's important!

This is one great and wonderful speaker, who has very accurate
advice when needed. Thank you Meri, and may God bless you
abundantly for your guidance in helping me reach a very important

What a fun-loving spirit you are! :-) Thank you for your wonderful

You addressed my concerns and answered all my questions accurately.
Thank you!

Thank you so much Meri. The reading was great and very insightful.
You really gave me some comfort. It was really great to speak with

Thank you Meri! You're a fun and loving spirit. I'll let you know
where I find my ring. :-) Love and blessings.

First time caller and I'm VERY impressed. Meri was able to pick up
on the person I asked about to a T. Described him, his character...
it was amazing!! I believe what she picked up on him to be
accurate... the rest I'll just have to wait and see. But overall
experience: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! THANK YOU!! Will definitely call

I've been calling Meri now for a few months and this is probably
one of the first times I've left written feedback (sorry, Meri!). far, ALL of her predictions have come true!!! She is VERY
positive and sweet to talk to. She will be honest and up front with
you. 5+ stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TY MERI!!! Call her!! :-)

I love Meri!! She is always the nicest person whenever I call her.
She picks up what is going on and does not waiver from her
predictions. I have spoken to her for a while and all her previous
predictions have come to pass.

Meri is a truly, truly, truly, gifted psychic and I can't recommend
her highly enough.

Meri is AMAZING!!!!! I have been calling her for a while now and
she is GREAT!!! Her predictions come true and and she is very, very
sweet!! Call her!!

Meri was able to connect right into my situation and was very
helpful. Thank you for all your guidance and support. I will
definitely call again. I recommend calling her!

Excellent reading; very warm and comforting; confident and
accurate. Thanks so much! ...I will call back. Highly

Excellent, down to earth and very accurate. Not just a psychic,
also an informed soul. Great spirit and reading!

Meri was an interesting advisor. Read cards and gave me insight as
to what current situation is and what could happen; then followed
it up with common sense ideas and advice that many of us are unable
to see during times of stress. Would call her again.

I just wanted to tell Meri thanks, and she is really down to earth.
She actually pointed me in a different direction all together and I
thank her for that. I would recommend her highly. Thanks, Meri!

Meri is the best! She is sooo patient and thorough. I call her
often and I recommend her.

She was right on with everything.

OK, well first off - I have to say that Meri is good at what she
does. She connected right away and had a good grasp of what I was
asking about. On top of that, she came across as a business person
- intelligent, direct, aware of what is going on in the world. She
was recommended to me by a friend of mine who is a medium, she
calls Meri and recommended Meri to me. I am an empathic psychic and
of course know others, so it's not hard to weed out the "wannabes"
from the real ones. Meri is for real. Plus, she's got a good sense
of humor. :)

Meri you were fabulous!!!! TY!! You picked up on the person in
question quickly! You were able to see what was going on around
them currently. And this helps to explain the current situation
between us. You have also given me hope for the future. I hope your
predictions are accurate. I look forward to reconnecting with my
best buddy of all times. I miss her sooo much. Once again Meri,
TY!!!! You are now my top favorite advisor!! Please, anyone
thinking about calling her, do yourselves a favor and do it!! Do it
now!!! :-)

Meri is just amazing!! I have added her to my #1 slot in my
favorites section. She is quick to pick up on what's going on and
the ppl involved. She definitely could charge more per minute. But
she would rather help ppl than take them for their money. Plz call
her you won't be disappointed.

Great job. Great advice. Really connected!

Very helpful, intuitive and gifted psychic for connecting with the
other side. Thank you, Meri!

Meri is a truly, truly, truly, gifted psychic and I can't recommend
her highly enough.

Meri was able to connect right into my situation and was very
helpful. Thank you for all your guidance and support. I will
definitely call again. I recommend calling her!

Excellent reading; very warm and comforting; confident and
accurate. Thanks so much! ...I will call back. Highly

Meri, thank you for being an expert in this field. She has the
skills people! An excellent job! Thx!

Everything that Meri and I talked about came to fruition, just like
she said it 2B true. She is a real find! Thx!

Speechless -- I'm simply speechless! I don't know what to say, you
just have to call her! 5 stars equals 50 stars!

Fantastic Reading! Must give a her a call. Very Nice and easy to
have a conversation with. Thx!

Very accurate in reading the situation. Very realistic and wise
advisor as well. I like her readings.

I appreciate all the great information I received from Meri. She's
easy to talk to, honest and accurate with her readings.

Wonderful! The best channeler ever!

Meri was able to tune in to how my guy is feeling and offer insight
as to what is to come as well as to offer some help on how to
handle it. She was truly a delight to speak with! Thanks Meri!

Hit the nail on the head. My new favorite! Thank you for the

Thanks so much Meri. I hope there's a keeper in my near future! You
were a great help!

WOW ...very good ...thanks so much.

She was very professional and accurate with her reading of my
situation. Good reading!

Meri is amazing. She is sweet and cares, and reads with accuracy.
Thank you.

Meri is honest, has patience, and is accurate. I will call her
again. Thank you!

Meri is humble and gentle and sees the information accurately. You
will not regret calling her, she has it!

Meri has a special calming voice and is reliable answering
questions. Thank you.

Such a nice person and so professional. The reading was very

Thank you so much Meri! I'll call you for an update in a couple of

Meri was exact in her description of the person I was asking about,
as well as the present situation involving this person. I was
pleased and will call her again. She is friendly and professional -
a very likable person!

Thanks for a great reading and for being a great listener.

Thank you Meri! Sorry I ran out of funds but you were very helpful
with the time we had.

Thanks for being honest, and telling me that there was no

You were great, and I really appreciate your gifts!

Meri, Thank you for being an expert in this field. She has the
skills people, an excellent job! Thx, J


Available via Telephone, Skype (and other IM voicechat clients) ...and now in SecondLife (SL/IM: PsychicMediumMeri Indigo)

Stop by Meri's gorgeous new shop in SecondLife ( for more information about her Psychic Medium Readings or to reserve your seats for a haunted Midnight Seance, which is held in a beautifully spooky Gothic Victorian mansion especially created for this once in a SecondLife-time experience! Seating for Midnight Seances is very limited, so reserve your seats early!


Want your reading now?
Click the link below to join Psychic Medium Meri's
Exclusive Members-Only Readings Portal, free of charge,
to view my Special Offer to you as a new, or returning, client
and get in touch with me for a reading now:


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At 1:30am on May 23, 2018, Lara May said…

Thank you for the warm welcome 

At 7:51pm on March 31, 2013, Paul Caire said…

I was so glad to meet you today.  Thanks for your work and welcoming me in to the group.  Florida sends a big "Hello"!  Make your dreams happen.  Paul

At 9:36pm on February 1, 2013, Angel Psychic Alexandria said…

Thanks Meri! Sending you Angel blessings.

At 4:38pm on December 19, 2012, The Pathfinder said…

Hi Meri.  Thank you so much for the invitation and the wonderful welcome

At 10:04am on March 26, 2012, Fiona Beck said…

Hi Meri, thank you for inviting me :)

At 3:18pm on August 14, 2011, Terri Delights said…
Thank you so much, this is so great what you have done here!
At 12:43am on June 27, 2011, Dionne Marie said…
Thanks for the invite, Meri!
At 2:22pm on January 25, 2011, Margarets Insights said…
Thank you for the invite!  This is a very warm and welcoming site :-)

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