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Thank you for joining Psychic Readings Co-Op!  We are a membership benefit advertising cooperative run on a not-for-profit basis, which means that our budget for advertising is made up entirely from the contributions of the advisors on the site -- so the more contributions we receive, the more advertising we can do!  Our unique business model means that with thirty advisors, each contributing $10/month we have $300 each month that we can put into advertising; forty advisors means $400/month; and 100 advisors means $1000/month that we can spend to bring in new business for EVERY ONE of us!  Can you afford to do that much advertising on your own every month?  And just imagine what we could do if everyone contributed $10/WEEK!  ...One of the site's goals is to eventually be able to afford television advertising so that we can bring in those kinds of huge numbers of new site visitors to produce LOTS more new business for all of us!  We're not there yet, but stick with us (and contribute!) and we WILL make it!

Please feel free to make your Co-Op page your own: recolor, move things around, add a special offer to attract new clients to try your services (after all, that's what the Co-Op's for: to bring in new clients for us all!), provide a link to your own existing website or create a site (called a "network") of your own here on Ning: in short -- create a page that you feel will get visitors to want to try out your services! 

Additionally:  Just to make it _completely_ clear:  Psychic Readings Co-Op does not in any way "own" or "run" your business.  You keep all rights and responsibilities as to how you want to do things with your clients.  We don't collect money from your clients for you, we do not distribute money from your clients to you, nothing like that.  All we do is make it easier (and MUCH less expensive!) for you to gain exposure to new potential clients and provide information (here on the site -- we don't spam, or sell email addresses to third-party advertisers) about new services that you can try, to help you improve your business' ability to serve your clientele while lowering your costs.  And we are ALWAYS happy to hear about new services you've found that can help our other member advisors, and we post -- here on the site -- about them regularly.  So please DO check out the Advisor Help notes for new information and services when you drop by to make your advertising contribution.  You may find something that will make it much easier for your clients to connect with you!

Three important notes: 

1.  Change the first "Full Name" in your profile to your advisor name, if it isn't your advisor name already (whatever you have in that spot is what shows publicly on your page).

2.  Also:  set your Comment Wall to moderated/approval-needed status to reduce spam. 

3.  And accept my friend request right now, so that you can see the "How to Use this Site" information and other important posts in the Advisor Help which are only viewable once you've accepted, and so that you can email me with any questions you might have that aren't covered in the posts.

*Best wishes to everyone here!*




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